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2023 American Group Travel Awards Highlight Reel
2023 American Group Travel Awards Highlight Reel
YouTube 01/12/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Named Official Travel Partner of the United Premier Soccer League
GlobeNewswire 28/11/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's revenue team saw a 100% increase in productivity with LinkSquares 28/11/2023 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards Gala: A Star-Studded Affair To Celebrate HotelPlanner’s 20th Anniversary & HipHop50
Haute Living 27/11/2023 阅读文章 �
Hotels should get rid of these things now – and here's what they should add
USA Today 24/11/2023 阅读文章 �
USA Triathlon Renews With HotelPlanner Through 2024
USA Triathlon 21/11/2023 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards - Red Carpet Interviews
YouTube 21/11/2023 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards Gala: A Star-Studded Affair to Celebrate HotelPlanner’s 20th Anniversary & HipHop50
GlobeNewswire 17/11/2023 阅读文章 �
West Palm Beach HQ celebrates 20th Anniversary; HotelPlanner Hosts American Group Travel Awards in Boca Raton
Business Development Board of Palm Beach County 17/11/2023 阅读文章 �
7 US Cities Where You Can Still Take the Entire Family on Vacation for Cheap
Yahoo! Finance 14/11/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Adds Cleverdis to its Family of Brands
Travolution 10/11/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Adds Cleverdis to its Family of Brands
GlobeNewswire 07/11/2023 阅读文章 �
There are fewer Airbnb listings in New York: Are restrictions affecting lodging prices?
USA Today 31/10/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with the American Youth Soccer Organization
Globe Newswire 26/10/2023 阅读文章 �
Art Lovers Travel Across the U.S. as an Alternative to Art Basel Miami
Media Decision 25/10/2023 阅读文章 �
11 Tips To Book a 5-Star Hotel for the Price of a Motel
Yahoo! Finance 20/10/2023 阅读文章 �
Why airlines must smooth the new path to truly frictionless travel, by Tim Hentschel
Aviation Business News (UK) 13/10/2023 阅读文章 �
What's New in Event Venues: The Country's Top Convention Centers and Other Hospitality Industry Updates
Biz Bash 12/10/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Becomes Official Hotel Booking Partner of USA Lacrosse
GlobeNewswire 11/10/2023 阅读文章 �
Revenge Travel Appears to be Over
Travel Daily News (USA & Canada) 06/10/2023 阅读文章 �
5 Best Ski & Snow Destinations In Japan for the Ultimate Winter Holiday, according to HotelPlanner
Haute Living 03/10/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Takes the Ice with US Speedskating
Yahoo! Finance 28/09/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with The St. James for Athletic Events & Lifestyle Experiences
GlobeNewswire 26/09/2023 阅读文章 �
Vacations Only the Rich Can Afford
Yahoo! Finance 24/09/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner acquires Eventsquid
Travel Daily Media (UK) 22/09/2023 阅读文章 �
RushMyPassport Partners with HotelPlanner for Exclusive Travel Benefits 21/09/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with RushMyPassport
GlobeNewswire 21/09/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Acquires Event Registration Platform Eventsquid
Travolution 20/09/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Adds Eventsquid to its Family of Brands
GlobeNewswire 19/09/2023 阅读文章 �
Standby Apartments And Other New Long-Term Lodging Options You Need To Know
Forbes 16/09/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Adds The Avon Company to its Affiliate Network
GlobeNewswire 08/09/2023 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards Announce Nominees & Call for Vote
GlobeNewswire 06/09/2023 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards Announce Nominees & Call for Vote
Benzinga 06/09/2023 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards Announce Nominees & Call for Vote
Financial Post (Canada) 06/09/2023 阅读文章 �
The great British airport meltdown is in danger of becoming the norm
Yahoo Life! (UK) 02/09/2023 阅读文章 �
Smart Stays: How AI Is Affecting the Hospitality Industry
Biz Bash 31/08/2023 阅读文章 �
Hotel Hustle: John Prince & the Rise of
Locality Bank podcast 31/08/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Sponsors European Tennis Players to Promote Brand
Travolution (UK) 31/08/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Backs European Tennis
GlobeNewswire 30/08/2023 阅读文章 �
Business Leader Q&A with HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel
Business Leader (UK) 25/08/2023 阅读文章 �
DEI Advisors interviews HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel on Entrepreneurship
DEI Advisors 24/08/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Adds Lucid Travel to Family of Brands
Sports Travel magazine 21/08/2023 阅读文章 �
How to Speed Up The Passport Approval Process
NTD News (TV interview) 19/08/2023 阅读文章 �
Water, Water, Everywhere: HotelPlanner Says Embrace The ‘Blue Mind’ In The Florida Keys!
Haute Living 18/08/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with The Vkind Experience as their Exclusive Hotel Provider
GlobeNewswire 17/08/2023 阅读文章 �
Americans Prioritize Fall Trips, As Travel Appetite Extends Into Autumn
Travel Pulse 17/08/2023 阅读文章 �
For the 2nd Time, HotelPlanner Makes the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
GlobeNewswire 15/08/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner is NANOE's Hotel Provider of Choice
National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE) 15/08/2023 阅读文章 �
Palm Beach-Based HotelPlanner Acquires Leading Travel Platform Lucid Travel
Tech Hub South Florida 14/08/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Adds Lucid Travel to its Family of Brands
NI Travel News 14/08/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Acquires Lucid Travel to Cement New Market Growth
Travolution 11/08/2023 阅读文章 �
How To Visit National Parks In Style according to HotelPlanner
Haute Living 10/08/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Adds Lucid Travel to its Family of Brands
GlobeNewswire 09/08/2023 阅读文章 �
Hotels are returning fire in the ‘junk fee’ war. Don’t be a casualty
Seattle Times 07/08/2023 阅读文章 �
Heat and wildfires put southern Europe’s vital tourism earnings at risk
Associated Press 05/08/2023 阅读文章 �
Hotels are returning fire in the 'junk fee' war. Don't be a casualty.
USA Today 04/08/2023 阅读文章 �
Flight From Hell: HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel on Newsmax discussing Grounded Delta Flight
Newsmax TV 01/08/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Bruce Rosenberg discusses recent flight delays and disruptions
Newsmax TV 01/08/2023 阅读文章 �
The climate crisis will irrevocably change how we holiday: Here’s what the future of travel looks like
Independent (UK) 28/07/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's John Prince: One of Palm Beach County's 100 Most Influential Business Leaders
Palm Beach Illustrated 27/07/2023 阅读文章 �
The ‘drizzle tourists’ who travel to the UK for its cool climate
Yahoo Life! (UK) 27/07/2023 阅读文章 �
Travel Horizon: HotelPlanner Celebrates 20 Years
Abode2 luxury property magazine (UK) 26/07/2023 阅读文章 �
Why cooler weather holidays and off-season islands are luring last-minute travellers
i News (UK) 25/07/2023 阅读文章 �
The Latest Trends in Hotel Room Entertainment Offerings
Travel Pulse 23/07/2023 阅读文章 �
How ChatGPT Can Help You Save Money on Travel Expenses, From Insurance to Car Rentals
Yahoo! Finance 21/07/2023 阅读文章 �
How Entrepreneurs Can Identify Opportunities in Disguise — Even When Times Are Tough 21/07/2023 阅读文章 �
Tourists are packing European hotspots, boosted by Americans
Associated Press 14/07/2023 阅读文章 �
Race Near your Favorite National Park - HotelPlanner Becomes Hotel Provider for Vacation Races
GlobeNewswire 14/07/2023 阅读文章 �
Summer hotel discounts are there — if you know where to look
The Points Guy 13/07/2023 阅读文章 �
Tim Hentschel, Co-founder & CEO, HotelPlanner - How to Turn $5,000 into a Billion Turnover
Brave, Bold, Brilliant Podcast 10/07/2023 阅读文章 �
Traveling for business? 5 tips for working better from the hotel room
Fox Business 05/07/2023 阅读文章 �
Hotels are hiding nonrefundable fees. Here’s how to fight back.
Washington Post 05/07/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Makes Travel Weekly's 2023 Power List
Travel Weekly 28/06/2023 阅读文章 �
Hotel Heaven: Meet Travel & Tech Entrepreneur Tim Hentschel
MayFair Times (UK) 27/06/2023 阅读文章 �
Dangerous adventures and expeditions. What drives people to seek these potentially deadly trips??
KNX News (Radio Interview) 22/06/2023 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards Come to Boca Raton in November
GlobeNewswire 15/06/2023 阅读文章 �
The Generative AI Revolution: Key Legal Considerations for the Hospitality Industry
National Law Review 12/06/2023 阅读文章 �
Passport e-gates were ‘upgraded’ by Border Force before IT chaos
The Times (UK) 01/06/2023 阅读文章 �
How the travel and hospitality industry is already leading the way in Generative AI
Intelligent CXO (UK) 26/05/2023 阅读文章 �
'HotelPlanner Has Got Me Covered' by HotelPlanner Brand Ambassador Lawrence Okolie
YouTube 26/05/2023 阅读文章 �
Don’t Book Hotel Stays on These Days of the Week
Yahoo! Finance 26/05/2023 阅读文章 �
23 Brilliant Ways to Save on Summer Travel
Yahoo! Finance 25/05/2023 阅读文章 �
Traveling with pets this summer? You might need this checklist
Consumer Affairs 25/05/2023 阅读文章 �
Taking a Post-Grad Trip: How To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck
Yahoo! Finance 24/05/2023 阅读文章 �
Travel Experts Predict How AI Could Forever Change How We Vacation
Matador Network 11/05/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on NTD Good Morning Show
NTD News (TV interview) 09/05/2023 阅读文章 �
Hotel Construction Growth 'Leads Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery'
Globe St. 08/05/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on Cost Saving Tips for Summer Travel
Newsmax TV (Interview starts at 56:30) 06/05/2023 阅读文章 �
How to Integrate ChatGPT into your Loyalty Programme
Modern Hospitality (UK) 03/05/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Confirms the Pickleball Boom is Real
Haute Living 02/05/2023 阅读文章 �
Brother, Can You Spare a Solar Panel? Sustainability Is The Art of The Achievable, by HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard
Hotel Executive 02/05/2023 阅读文章 �
Snipers and vetting coronation fanatics: how London is preparing
The Times (UK) 01/05/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel on Hotel Deals for King's Coronation
GB News (TV interview starts at 28:30) 01/05/2023 阅读文章 �
7 Europeans Explain How They Really Use All Their Vacation Time
Travel + Leisure 30/04/2023 阅读文章 �
Strikes, soaring airfares and yo-yoing hotel fees: A traveler’s guide to the coronation
CNN Travel 28/04/2023 阅读文章 �
Colorado Woman Travels 6,500 Miles to Save Money on Hair Appointment
Newsweek 27/04/2023 阅读文章 �
London Poised to Take Hotel Crown From Las Vegas
BNN Bloomberg 26/04/2023 阅读文章 �
Plenty of room at London’s inns
Business Live (Bloomberg) 26/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on 2023 Travel Trends at Digital Travel CONNECT
YouTube 25/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner integrates ChatGPT into its loyalty programme
NS Digital World (UK) 21/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner launches loyalty program with ChatGPT integration
Hotel Dive 21/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Integrates ChatGPT into its Loyalty Program
Financial Post (Canada) 20/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner integrates ChatGPT into its Loyalty Programme
Travel Daily Media (UK) 20/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Integrates ChatGPT Into Loyalty Programme
Travel Pursuit (UK) 20/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Integrates ChatGPT into its Loyalty Program
Globe Newswire 18/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Integrates ChatGPT into its Loyalty Program
Yahoo! Finance 18/04/2023 阅读文章 �
Summer Vacations Are Sold Out. Here's How to Travel Anyway.
Forbes 17/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner To Become ‘Welcome To Yorkshire’ Preferred Provider
Event Planner News Blog 12/04/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner to Become Preferred Hotel Provider for UK Tourism Agency ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’
Globe Newswire 11/04/2023 阅读文章 �
ISLE GO: The Mediterranean island with the best-value holidays this year, according to travel expert
The Sun (UK) 30/03/2023 阅读文章 �
The Coronation Guide to London: Where to Drink, What to Do
Bloomberg 30/03/2023 阅读文章 �
Travel is Wellness: A Vacation for your Body, Mind and Spirit
Haute Living 28/03/2023 阅读文章 �
Room to Improve: The big red flag you should look for when booking your hotel
The Sun (UK) 27/03/2023 阅读文章 �
Travel season is high season for scammers, so make sure you’re not falling into a trap
Consumer Affairs 27/03/2023 阅读文章 �
Europe’s Top Spring Break Destinations Eclipse US Beaches As Travelers Flock Overseas
Vigour Times 18/03/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces Partnership with SunFest, one of Florida’s Largest Music Festivals
Cision PRWeb 16/03/2023 阅读文章 �
Adios National Parks, Orlando, and Hawaii: Here’s Where Americans are Heading for Vacation This Spring Instead
Wealth of Geeks 15/03/2023 阅读文章 �
Traveling to Mexico? Here's What You Need to Know
Smarter Travel 15/03/2023 阅读文章 �
ITB Berlin 2023 Interview: Bas Lemmens, CEO, & President, HotelPlanner EMEA
Breaking Travel News 09/03/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner looks to grow group bookings at ITB Berlin 2023
ITB News 08/03/2023 阅读文章 �
From ‘Sun’s Out, Guns Out’ To ‘Namaste:’ HotelPlanner Shows How Spring Break Is Rapidly Evolving
Haute Living 07/03/2023 阅读文章 �
My hotel is not what I expected. Can I check out and get a refund?
Seattle Times 06/03/2023 阅读文章 �
My hotel is not what I expected. Can I check out and get a refund?
USA Today 03/03/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with the Vegan Women Summit as their Exclusive Hotel Provider
Cision PRWeb 01/03/2023 阅读文章 �
WTT Champions returns to Macau, HotelPlanner to sponsor Singapore Smash 01/03/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Named Official Travel Partner for World Table Tennis’ Singapore Smash
Cision PRWeb 28/02/2023 阅读文章 �
Is Mexico as dangerous as it’s being made out to be? Experts try to bring some clarity to the situation
Consumer Affairs 22/02/2023 阅读文章 �
Will AI Technology Crush Your Industry? The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Job Markets
Valiant CEO 21/02/2023 阅读文章 �
You asked: My hotel changed my rate after booking. Can they do that?
Washington Post 17/02/2023 阅读文章 �
Top Travel Trends for 2023 according to HotelPlanner
London Daily News 16/02/2023 阅读文章 �
Staycations boom for half term as Brits look to swerve strikes hitting holidays abroad
Mirror (UK) 13/02/2023 阅读文章 �
Phoenix Area Shines in Super Bowl Spotlight
Sports Travel Magazine 10/02/2023 阅读文章 �
The Super Bowl Effect: Impact of Big Events on Room Rates in the Sun Belt
Lodging Magazine 10/02/2023 阅读文章 �
Opportunity to book affordable last-minute staycations: Hentschel
Travel Daily Media (UK) 09/02/2023 阅读文章 �
16 Fun Facts and Stats About the Super Bowl’s Impact in Phoenix
Phoenix New Times 08/02/2023 阅读文章 �
UK Strikes Are Costing The Hospitality Industry Dearly (UK) 06/02/2023 阅读文章 �
Wave of strikes has cost London economy £120m
Evening Standard (UK) 06/02/2023 阅读文章 �
King’s Coronation set to boost UK economy by £1bn as pubs, hotels and shops bring in cash
Express UK 01/02/2023 阅读文章 �
Top Travel Trends for 2023
Retail & Leisure International (pg. 36) 30/01/2023 阅读文章 �
Tourism Innovation Summit Interview with HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel
YouTube 30/01/2023 阅读文章 �
Seven travel trends for 2023
City A.M. (UK) 24/01/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO Reveals 2023 Travel Predictions
Globetrender 23/01/2023 阅读文章 �
Spring break preview: What to expect and how to have a smooth trip
Seattle Times 23/01/2023 阅读文章 �
Travel experts share their predictions for 2023’s best bets
Consumer Affairs 23/01/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner President Bas Lemmens Interview at 2022 Tourism Innovation Summit
YouTube 20/01/2023 阅读文章 �
Emergency App is equipping us with the digital tools necessary to weather disasters
Refresh Miami 19/01/2023 阅读文章 �
For new Raleigh/Durham airline, FAA issues are part of the growing pains
Triangle Business Journal 12/01/2023 阅读文章 �
The great booking debate: Is direct better than a third-party site?
Washington Post 11/01/2023 阅读文章 �
When You Wish Upon a Star – How to Celebrate Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder, According to HotelPlanner 11/01/2023 阅读文章 �
The Emerging Travel Trends of 2023
Athinorama (Greece) 11/01/2023 阅读文章 �
Globetrender Forecast (sponsored by HotelPlanner) Reveals 11 Travel Trends for 2023
Globetrender 11/01/2023 阅读文章 �
FAA’s ground stop affects more than just the airline industry
Arizona's Family (TV interview) 11/01/2023 阅读文章 �
Grounding of Flights in U.S. Produces Aftershocks for Travelers and Hospitality
PhocusWire 11/01/2023 阅读文章 �
3 Ways to Grow Your Business While Maintaining Your Independence as an Entrepreneur by Tim Hentschel 10/01/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Emergency App to Provide Hotel Availability during Natural Disasters and other Emergencies
Cision PR Web 09/01/2023 阅读文章 �
'Off the beaten track' holiday destinations with picturesque views and cheapest deals
Express UK 06/01/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and ZentrumHub Partner to Expand Inventory & Distribution Channels
Cision PR Web 03/01/2023 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on how the 'Bomb Cylone' is Affecting Holiday Travel
Real America's Voice TV 22/12/2022 阅读文章 �
3 Contradictory Personal Qualities to Help You Build a Billion-Dollar Brand by Tim Hentschel 15/12/2022 阅读文章 �
Five ‘Can’t Miss’ Holiday Activities in New York City, according to HotelPlanner
Haute Living 14/12/2022 阅读文章 �
Is your hotel 4- or 5-stars? Here’s how to tell them apart
CNBC International TV 12/12/2022 阅读文章 �
WTTC 2022 Saudi Arabia: Tim Hentschel, Co-Founder & CEO of HotelPlanner
Breaking Travel News! 01/12/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner’s Top 10 Travel Trends for 2023
Business Wire 29/11/2022 阅读文章 �
World Travel & Tourism Council Exclusive Interview with HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
World Travel Essential (Spotify) 29/11/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner’s Top 10 Travel Trends for 2023
Haute Living 29/11/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Luxury Lifestyle Brand Haute Living
Cision PR Web 28/11/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel Interview on Newsmax TV with Rita Cosby
Newsmax TV 26/11/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Sponsors U.K.’s Manchester Storm Hockey Club
Cision PR Web 24/11/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Roibos Parter on Hotel Marketplace Connectivity
Cision PR Web 22/11/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on Thanksgiving Travel & Hospitality Outlook
Real America's Voice News (TV interview) 22/11/2022 阅读文章 �
Cornell Hotel School Dean's Lecture with HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel (Class of 2001)
Cornell University (begins at 6:00 minute mark) 21/11/2022 阅读文章 �
Digital Nomads Are On The Rise. But Where Should They Live Now?
Forbes 19/11/2022 阅读文章 �
Travel Trends 2023: Where to Go & How to Do It
Country and Townhouse (UK) 17/11/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Takes the Ice with U.K.’s Bees Ice Hockey Club
Cision PR Web 16/11/2022 阅读文章 �
Five Travel Myths Debunked for Thanksgiving Weekend
The Street 16/11/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner selects Amadeus to Expand Inventory for Corporate & Leisure Channels
Cision PR Web 15/11/2022 阅读文章 �
Fall Weddings Are Hotter than Ever According to HotelPlanner
Haute Living 15/11/2022 阅读文章 �
Could a month-long escape to the sun really save you money?
The Guardian 07/11/2022 阅读文章 �
Play Ball! HotelPlanner and Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium Partner on Discount Hotel Rates for Fans
Cision PR Web 04/11/2022 阅读文章 �
Affluent Americans Are Heading Overseas And Bringing Their Cash
The Fox Magazine 04/11/2022 阅读文章 �
Defy The Odds With Success Tips From HotelPlanner Co-Founder Timothy Hentschel
The Fox Magazine 28/10/2022 阅读文章 �
Next decade of travel and tourism defined at Tourism Innovation Summit 2022
eTurboNews 26/10/2022 阅读文章 �
6 Hacks To Help You Afford Family Vacations as Costs Keep Rising
Go BankingRates 20/10/2022 阅读文章 �
'Eurovision fever' hits Liverpool as hotels asked not to hike prices
The Caterer (UK) 11/10/2022 阅读文章 �
How To Travel for Cheap Around Christmas
Go BankingRates 06/10/2022 阅读文章 �
Anime Festival Asia Returns this Year with HotelPlanner as Official Hotel Partner
EIN Newswires 23/09/2022 阅读文章 �
This isn't the holiday travel season to procrastinate. Book your tickets this month.
USA Today 23/09/2022 阅读文章 �
London Experiencing Tourism Influx as Travelers Celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Life
Travel Pulse 19/09/2022 阅读文章 �
Royal fans give London tourism a bump amid U.K. economic woes
Travel Weekly 19/09/2022 阅读文章 �
Royal fans boost tourism in inflation-hit UK
The Times of India 18/09/2022 阅读文章 �
CNN interviews HotelPlanner's CEO on London Hotel Demand for Queen's Funeral
CNN International 16/09/2022 阅读文章 �
It’s a bad weekend to be traveling in Europe
Washington Post 16/09/2022 阅读文章 �
Hotel rooms for Queen’s funeral advertised for £1,550 – excluding breakfast
The London Economic 15/09/2022 阅读文章 �
Hotel prices to hit 'all time high' ahead of Queen's funeral
Wales Online (UK) 15/09/2022 阅读文章 �
GB News interviews HotelPlanner Co-founder & CEO Tim Hentschel on London hospitality outlook
GB News - Britain's News Channel 14/09/2022 阅读文章 �
BBC Radio Scotland interviews HotelPlanner CEO on Historic London Hotel Demand
BBC Radio Scotland 14/09/2022 阅读文章 �
Thinking about visiting London from Boston this month?
Time Out Boston 14/09/2022 阅读文章 �
London hotel prices soar to £1,500 a night as demand surges ahead of Queen’s funeral
Independent (UK) 14/09/2022 阅读文章 �
London Hotel Prices Soar Ahead of Queen’s Funeral
Skift (Thomson Reuters) 14/09/2022 阅读文章 �
London travel demand rises following Queen Elizabeth's death
Travel Weekly 13/09/2022 阅读文章 �
London Hotel Prices Surge More Than 30% Ahead of the Queen’s Funeral
Bloomberg 13/09/2022 阅读文章 �
London flight, hotel fares surge ahead of Queen's funeral
Reuters 13/09/2022 阅读文章 �
Bookings are already up: What you should know about traveling for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral
USA Today 09/09/2022 阅读文章 �
What to know about attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral events
Washington Post 09/09/2022 阅读文章 �
'The Business of Sports Travel' podcast with HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard
South Florida Tribune's 'No Limits' podcast 08/09/2022 阅读文章 �
9 Ways To Save on Travel in Retirement During Times of Inflation 07/09/2022 阅读文章 �
Travel loyalty programs 'need to get better.' How to choose one that won't lose value
USA Today 02/09/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner: A Hotel Booking Engine with Global Ambition
Palm Beach County Business Magazine 15/08/2022 阅读文章 �
Bootstrapping in America podcast with host Dylan Ratigan featuring HotelPlanner Co-founder & CEO Tim Hentschel
Tasty Trade 11/08/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Expands in West Palm Beach
Business Development Board 28/07/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Event Ticketing Company LuvSeats as Exclusive Hotel Provider
Cision PR Web 18/07/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Hits the Mark with USA Archery
Cision PR Web 14/07/2022 阅读文章 �
Long Island couple's luggage stuck in Europe more than a week after trip ended
CBS News - NY 11/07/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner to Expand Global Reach with TravelgateX Partnership
Cision PR Web 07/07/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel: How The Travel And Food Industries Can Benefit One Another In A Post-Pandemic World 07/07/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Bruce Rosenberg on 4th of July Travel Recap
Newsmax TV (Spicer & Co.) 06/07/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel on 4th of July Travel
Fox News Channel 04/07/2022 阅读文章 �
Mass Flight Cancellations Ahead of July 4th Weekend
NBC News 4 New York 28/06/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Explains How To Travel Like A Fashionista For Fashion Week On A Barista’s Budget
Haute Living 16/06/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on US Lifting Covid Tests for Inbound Air Travelers
LBC News - Chris Golds Show (Interview begins at 25:00 minute mark) 10/06/2022 阅读文章 �
Travel recovery surpasses expectations
TTG Asia 26/05/2022 阅读文章 �
From Launch to Succession: Tips for Building a Thriving Business (by HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CEO Tim Hentschel) 25/05/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces Appointment of Neil Valentine to Newly Created Role of Chief Strategy Officer
Cision PR Wire 24/05/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Becomes Exclusive Hotel Reservations Provider for Singapore's Leading Football Academy
Cision PR Newswire 19/05/2022 阅读文章 �
Who Says You Can’t Work From The Beach? Digital Nomads Combine Work And Play And Are Here To Stay 16/05/2022 阅读文章 �
U.S. travel firms flex marketing muscle to lure travelers seeking sun and sand
Reuters 13/05/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner President Bruce Rosenberg Says Las Vegas is Roaring Back
The Morning Blend | Las Vegas KTNV Channel 13 11/05/2022 阅读文章 �
Hotel Rates Seen on the Rebound
Philippine Daily Inquirer 04/05/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Named a Top Workplace in South Florida
Cision PR Web 02/05/2022 阅读文章 �
Embracing the Travel Comeback: HotelPlanner Centers its Reservation System in the Gig Economy
Haute Living magazine (NYC print edition; article begins on pg. 140) 02/05/2022 阅读文章 �
Destination Weddings Are Back And HotelPlanner Has Tips To Ensure An Amazing Experience 27/04/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Partner on Discount Hotel Bookings for the Electric Vehicle Community
Cision PRWeb 22/04/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Chief Communications Officer Philip Ballard on NEWSMAX TV National Report
Newsmax TV National Report 22/04/2022 阅读文章 �
Unmasking Travel: Featuring HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard discussing the end of mask mandates
Jenna Ellis Show (begins at 13:30 minute mark) 18/04/2022 阅读文章 �
Tim Hentschel discusses end of mask mandates
Rob Schmitt Show on Newsmax 18/04/2022 阅读文章 �
Real America's Voice Speaks to HotelPlanner's Chief Communications Officer
Real America's Voice - Breaking Point with David Zere 16/04/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Ventures Endurance Partner on Athlete Hotel Bookings for 115 Annual Endurance Races and Events
Cision PR Web 13/04/2022 阅读文章 �
ASEAN Ahead: HotelPlanner Sees SE Asia Tourism Recovery
Bloomberg ASEAN Ahead 04/04/2022 阅读文章 �
Rethinking Success: What It Means to 'Make It' as an Entrepreneur 01/04/2022 阅读文章 �
60 Seconds with Bas Lemmens, HotelPlanner & President
Digital Travel Connect 29/03/2022 阅读文章 �
Bringing People Together: HotelPlanner and FEVO Partner to Add Travel Component to Social E-Commerce Platform
Cision PR Web 29/03/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Choice Hotels Sign Deal to Integrate Group Bookings
Cision PRWeb 24/03/2022 阅读文章 �
Travel ‘tailwinds for the recovery are greater than the headwinds’: HotelPlanner CEO
Yahoo Finance TV 22/03/2022 阅读文章 �
'Have a plan to evacuate' Britons issued travel advice in Europe holiday warning
Express 17/03/2022 阅读文章 �
Should travelers rethink Europe plans because of the war in Ukraine?
CNN Travel 17/03/2022 阅读文章 �
Embracing The Travel Comeback: HotelPlanner Combines Gig Based Travel Agent Concierge Platform With AI-Enabled Technology
Haute Living 14/03/2022 阅读文章 �
Russia – Ukraine crisis: Aftershocks in travel and hospitality
Boutique Hotel News 14/03/2022 阅读文章 �
Travel Restrictions And Vacations In 2022 (Radio interview)
The Tape Podcast (Bloomberg) 07/03/2022 阅读文章 �
“90% of Americans” Plan to Travel Soon Amid War In Europe
Inside the Magic 01/03/2022 阅读文章 �
Astrea Acquisition Corp., HotelPlanner and Mutually Agree to Terminate Business Combination Agreement
BusinessWire 14/02/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard discusses the latest travel and hospitality industry trends
Real America's Voice 14/02/2022 阅读文章 �
Hotel industry prepares for Inglewood to triple in size ahead of Super Bowl LVI (NBC 3 Sacramento) 11/02/2022 阅读文章 �
Reminder to Investor Community: Astrea Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: ASAXU) is Not the Same Company as Astra Space, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASTR)
BusinessWire 11/02/2022 阅读文章 �
Speed to Scale: HotelPlanner and Aimbridge Hospitality Announce New Partnership
Cision PR Web 11/02/2022 阅读文章 �
Struggling LA hotels get much needed Super Bowl occupancy boost 10/02/2022 阅读文章 �
How to avoid a costly isolation period if you get coronavirus while abroad
Washington Post 09/02/2022 阅读文章 �
'The Future of Travel' podcast episode featuring HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard
The Home Based Travel Agent Show 08/02/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Becomes Exclusive Online Hotel Reservations Provider for USA Bobsled/Skeleton
Cision PRWeb 01/02/2022 阅读文章 �
3 Ways Technology Will Change How We Book Travel 31/01/2022 阅读文章 �
EXCLUSIVE: HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel On The Transition To Becoming Publicly Traded 31/01/2022 阅读文章 �
Lodging deals in Colorado’s ski communities
Fox31 Denver 19/01/2022 阅读文章 �
2022 ICR Conference Fireside Chat with HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CEO Tim Hentschel 12/01/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Becomes Exclusive Online Hotel Reservations Provider for USA Judo
Cision PRWeb 07/01/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner to Present at the 2022 ICR Conference
BusinessWire 06/01/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on The Kevin Wall Show-AM 670 Las Vegas discusses 2022 travel trends
The Kevin Wall Show-AM 670 Las Vegas 06/01/2022 阅读文章 �
Guest Xperience podcast: Call Center Technology with Philip Ballard
Guest Xperience podcast 04/01/2022 阅读文章 �
From Start Up to Creating a SPAC. Here's How I Did It!
Family Office Association 03/01/2022 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on Fox 2 KTVU San Francisco discusses 2022 travel outlook
Fox 2 KTVU San Francisco 03/01/2022 阅读文章 �
Despite Omicron and Airline Cancelations, Exec Predicts 2022 Travel Increase
Inside the Magic 29/12/2021 阅读文章 �
How Much of an Impact will Omicron and Inflation Have on Holiday Travel?
America's Voice News 24/12/2021 阅读文章 �
How voice is changing how we connect with customers
Future CIO 24/12/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Celebrates Landmark Year of New Partnerships and Innovations
BusinessWire 22/12/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel on their 3-way SPAC merger
Boardroom Alpha - Know Who Drives Return podcast 21/12/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CEO Tim Hentschel and Astrea Acquisition Corp. Chairman Mohsen Moazami Discuss 3-way SPAC Merger
SPAC Alpha 20/12/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner President Bruce Rosenberg speaks with One America News regarding holiday travel
One America News 20/12/2021 阅读文章 �
What will the future of travel look like? TPG asks 8 industry experts
The Points Guy 18/12/2021 阅读文章 �
Replay: AI Meets Travel: Join Co-Founder & CEO of HotelPlanner in Fireside Chat 09/12/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CEO Tim Hentschel on Yahoo Finance TV
Yahoo Finance 09/12/2021 阅读文章 �
Replay: AI Meets Travel: Join Co-Founder & CEO of HotelPlanner in Fireside Chat
IPO Edge 09/12/2021 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards Shine Brightly in South Beach
Cision PR Web 07/12/2021 阅读文章 �
How AI Solutions Can Improve the Travel and Hotel Booking Experience 06/12/2021 阅读文章 �
Travel outlook remain strong, especially in U.S. despite concerns over Omicron variant 01/12/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Takes to the Ice with U.S. Figure Skating Hotel Provider Partnership
Cision PR Web 29/11/2021 阅读文章 �
Hotel Prices Are Through The Roof. Here’s Why People Will Travel Anyway
The Street 24/11/2021 阅读文章 �
Hawaii tourism professionals welcome easing of travel restrictions
Spectrum News 13 19/11/2021 阅读文章 �
What will travelers expect over the next few years? 18/11/2021 阅读文章 �
4 Smart Tips for Thanksgiving Travel 18/11/2021 阅读文章 �
Updated: HotelPlanner Celebrates a Return to Travel with an Upcoming IPO and a Splashy Awards Gala in Miami this December
Impact Wealth 17/11/2021 阅读文章 �
Video featuring HotelPlanner's Co-Founder & CIO John Prince: SPACs and the Future of Travel Investing
Phocuswire 17/11/2021 阅读文章 �
Sports Planning Guide 10/11/2021 阅读文章 �
Back in the Big Apple! Emotional British travellers are reunited with family on American soil after nearly two years apart as US eases Covid travel ban 09/11/2021 阅读文章 �
Nothing But Net - HotelPlanner and the Orlando Magic Announce Hotel Provider Partnership
Cision PR Wire 08/11/2021 阅读文章 �
Relief and reunions in sight as US finally lifts Covid travel restrictions
The Guardian 06/11/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and the NBA G League Announce Exclusive Hotel Provider Partnership
Cision PRWeb 05/11/2021 阅读文章 �
G League adds HotelPlanner as new sponsor
Sports Business Journal 05/11/2021 阅读文章 �
Which parts of travel weren't changed by COVID? The quality of airline and hotel service
USA Today 22/10/2021 阅读文章 �
“Alexa – Ask HotelPlanner to Make a New Reservation:” Travel Technology Company Launches Alexa-Enabled Booking Feature
BusinessWire 18/10/2021 阅读文章 �
EXCLUSIVE: Astrea Acquisition M&A Partner HotelPlanner To Launch Alexa-Enabled Booking Feature
Benzinga 18/10/2021 阅读文章 � Launches Alexa-AI Enabled Booking Feature, ahead of its NASDAQ listing: John Prince, Co-Founder and CIO of meets up with TravelMole
TravelMole 18/10/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CIO John Prince announces new 24/7 Alexa-enabled hotel booking feature
YouTube 13/10/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Makes a 'Long-Term Stay' Play with Extended Stay America Hotels
Cision PRWeb 12/10/2021 阅读文章 �
Frustrations mount as Southwest Airlines cancels more flights 11/10/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Bruce Rosenberg on News Talk 1540 KXEL
SoundCloud 06/10/2021 阅读文章 �
Will Travel See Another Halt Until 2022?
Yahoo Finance 24/09/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces Return of the American Group Travel Awards
Cision PRWeb 22/09/2021 阅读文章 �
Astrea Acquisition Corp. Files Preliminary Proxy Statement in Connection With Its Proposed Business Combination With and
BusinessWire 17/09/2021 阅读文章 �
Tim Hentschel - Travel Technology Innovator - Visionary Leader 17/09/2021 阅读文章 �
Why Small Businesses Struggling to Hire New Employees Should Embrace Gig Workers 08/09/2021 阅读文章 �
People used to book one vacation at a time. Now they’ve started ‘trip stacking’
CNBC Travel 01/09/2021 阅读文章 �
Orlando-based to merge with HotelPlanner in $680M deal
Orlando Sentinel 25/08/2021 阅读文章 �
With SPAC Listing Complete, HotelPlanner CEO Turns To Rebound In Luxury And Leisure Travel
PYMNTS.COM 18/08/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner to Go Public in Three-Way SPAC Merger
Cheddar TV 18/08/2021 阅读文章 �
Super (app) ambitions – the travel industry undergoes a tech transformation
Finance Asia 17/08/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner, to go public through Miami SPAC merger valued at $688M
South Florida Business Journal 16/08/2021 阅读文章 �
Delta Variant: Air Travel Starting to Slow Due to Virus Concerns (Mahesh Chaddah, Co-Founder of featured)
NBC Bay Area 12/08/2021 阅读文章 �
Reimagining the Hotel Booking Experience: HotelPlanner and Enter Three-Way Merger with Astrea Acquisition Corp. to Become a Public Company Listed on NASDAQ
BusinessWire 10/08/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO on Going Public Via a SPAC
CNBC Squawk Box 10/08/2021 阅读文章 �
Hotel rates are expected to rise in the coming months, says HotelPlanner CEO
CNBC Squawk Box Asia 10/08/2021 阅读文章 �
Southwest, American post 2Q profits as air travel picks up
Fox4News Dallas 22/07/2021 阅读文章 �
Ladies European Tour 20/07/2021 阅读文章 �
Hire a Limo and Sidestep the Rental-Car Shortage in Style
Nerd Wallet 30/06/2021 阅读文章 �
Tim Hentschel of Eagerly Awaits a Return to Worldwide Travel after the Pandemic
Impact Wealth 29/06/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces Exclusive Partnership with Prestigious Singapore Swimming Club
Business Wire 27/06/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces Exclusive Partnership with NewAge, Inc.
Cision PR Web Newswire 24/06/2021 阅读文章 �
e-DestinACCESS Launches Time-Saving, Revenue-Generating Digital Meeting and Event Planning Platform 24/06/2021 阅读文章 �
CNBC TRAVEL Some destinations are shutting out unvaccinated travelers. Here are a few
CNBC Travel 22/06/2021 阅读文章 �
Meet the travellers who have taken remote working to the extreme
National Geographic 20/06/2021 阅读文章 �
Unite to conquer: how travel, tourism and hospitality players can help pandemic recovery
TTG Asia 14/06/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and World Cruiserweight Champion Lawrence Okolie Announce “The Road to Unification” Partnership and Campaign 10/06/2021 阅读文章 �
MeetingPackage Signs a Partnership With HotelPlanner and Increases Meeting Room & Event Space Distribution With Over 10,000 Channels 08/06/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and World Cruiserweight Champion Lawrence Okolie Announce The Road to Unification Partnership and Campaign
Cision PR Web Newswire 07/06/2021 阅读文章 �
Post-Pandemic Travel Trends with Tim Hentschel, HotelPlanner CEO
TravelMole 31/05/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Offers Discounts From Memorial Day Through Independence Day to U.S. Military and Veteran Community
Cision PR Web Newswire 27/05/2021 阅读文章 �
7 Affordable Weekend Getaways for Parents 27/05/2021 阅读文章 �
The Hidden Costs of Traveling To Hawaii and Other Popular Destinations During COVID-19 25/05/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Offers Booking Discounts for Pride Month Travel
Cision PR Web Newswire 25/05/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Soccer United Marketing Partner for Major League Soccer’s MexTour 2021
Cision PR Web Newswire 21/05/2021 阅读文章 �
How Your Hotel Stay Will Be Different When Traveling Post-Pandemic
yahoo! finance 18/05/2021 阅读文章 �
Disney Parks Reopening x Travel Trends 18/05/2021 阅读文章 �
USA Boxing Announces Partnership With HotelPlanner
USA Boxing 17/05/2021 阅读文章 �
Business Travel Plans Could Leave Hotels High and Dry 29/04/2021 阅读文章 � Announces the Appointment of Philip Ballard to the Newly Created Role of Chief Communications Officer & Head of Investor Relations
Cision PR Web Newswire 27/04/2021 阅读文章 �
Tim Hentschel × HotelPlanner 26/04/2021 阅读文章 �
5 Family-Friendly Vacations To Take This Summer That Won't Break The Bank 19/04/2021 阅读文章 �
The Case For, And Against, A Vaccination Passport
Matador Network 26/03/2021 阅读文章 �
USL Announces Multi-Year Partnership with
United Soccer League 15/03/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner & USA Pickleball Sign Multi-Year Agreement to Provide Accommodations
PR 04/03/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with New Jersey Devils & Philadelphia 76ers
Yahoo Finance 02/03/2021 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Tennis Legend John Isner Announce The Race to the World Record
Yahoo Finance 12/02/2021 阅读文章 �
Esports Company IGC signs with HotelPlanner
Esportsobserver 03/02/2021 阅读文章 �
Regional Travel to Pick Up Soon
CNBC 30/12/2020 阅读文章 �
Hotelplanner renews sponsorship of USA Olympic Team
Around the Rings 04/12/2020 阅读文章 �
Win Travel selects HotelPlanner as Booking Engine
TravelMole 27/11/2020 阅读文章 �
Perfect Game & Hotelplanner Join Forces
Business Insider 17/11/2020 阅读文章 �
Spartan Seals HotelPlanner Partnership 21/10/2020 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO on travel trends as states reopen
Yahoo Finance 19/05/2020 阅读文章 �
A Guide to Summer Travel
CNBC 13/03/2020 阅读文章 �
How Corona Virus is Affecting Travel
Fox Business News 28/02/2020 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Acquires Online Venue Marketplace
Yahoo Finance 11/02/2020 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Announce the Categories and Nominees for the Sixth Annual 2020 European Group Travel Awards
PR 10/02/2020 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Gives on the Wendy Williams Show!
Wendy Williams 18/12/2019 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and NASCAR Ink Multi-Year Deal 05/11/2019 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Greenview to Support Tropical Forest Restoration
PR 30/10/2019 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner To Acquire Venue Market Start-Up Venuexplorer Singapore
PR 10/10/2019 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces the Opening of its Singapore Office
PR 04/10/2019 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces Extended Partnership with The Knot Worldwide
PR 13/08/2019 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces Acquisition of Room 77
PR 05/03/2019 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner COO, Bruce Rosenberg gives Super Bowl away on Wendy Williams Show
Wendy Williams Show 02/02/2019 阅读文章 �
CNN interviews HotelPlanner CEO, Tim Hentschel
CNN 01/02/2019 阅读文章 � Feature on the Wendy Williams Show
Wendy Williams 13/12/2018 阅读文章 �
EXCLUSIVE: Travel Industry Giant Tim Hentschel; A Profile of an Innovator and Humanitarian
Long Island News 27/11/2018 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO, Tim Hentschel on the cover of Metropolitan Magazine
Metropolitan Magazine 19/11/2018 阅读文章 �
West Palm Beach becoming hub for technology companies
West Palm Beach TV 05/11/2018 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner official booking partner of Team USA's Olympic Triathletes
Team USA 29/10/2018 阅读文章 � Announces the Appointment of Timothy Gunstone
PR 17/10/2018 阅读文章 � gaat samenwerking aan met MeetingReview
Hospitality Management 27/08/2018 阅读文章 �
Group and meetings hotel bookings in turmoil
TravelMole 20/08/2018 阅读文章 �
How to plan the perfect group trip
Afar Magazine 18/06/2018 阅读文章 �
European Group Travel Awards 2018: Award Show Highlights from Group Travel’s Biggest Night
PRUK 09/03/2018 阅读文章 � Announces UNICEF as the Charity Beneficiary of the 4th Annual 2018 European Group Travel Awards
PR 08/03/2018 阅读文章 � Unveils Latest Group Reservations Technology for Hotels
PRWEB 05/03/2018 阅读文章 �
Powerboat P1 welcomes as official hotel bookings partner
Powerboat P1 SuperStock 01/03/2018 阅读文章 � & Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Team Up to Increase Business to Palm Beach County
PRWEB 27/02/2018 阅读文章 � Appoints Bas Lemmens, Co-founder of, as new CEO
PR 22/02/2018 阅读文章 �
Year in Review: & Expand Global Group Hotel Marketplace as the Company Approaches its 15-Year Anniversary
PR 01/02/2018 阅读文章 � Co-Founder and CEO Timothy Hentschel Named 2018 Cornell Hospitality Innovator of the Year
PR 30/01/2018 阅读文章 �
Hotel School Alumnus Named Hospitality Innovator for 2018
The Cornell Daily Sun 28/01/2018 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO Named Cornell Hospitality Innovator for 2018
hospitalitynet 24/01/2018 阅读文章 �
Super Bowl 2018: Affordable Rates Still Available Online
PRWEB 22/01/2018 阅读文章 �
Vote Now: Categories & Nominees Announced for the 2018 European Group Travel Awards
PRUK 09/01/2018 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner & Promotes Melissa Le’ppin as New Chief Sales Officer
PR 03/01/2018 阅读文章 � Unveils Its Annual Ranking of Top New Year’s Destinations
PRWEB 19/12/2017 阅读文章 � Announces the Winners of the 2017 American Group Travel Awards
PR 14/11/2017 阅读文章 � Announces the Entertainment Lineup for the 2017 American Group Travel Awards (AGTA)
PR 25/10/2017 阅读文章 �
World’s Best Hotels and Sales Managers for Group Travel
PR 10/10/2017 阅读文章 �
Voting Still Open for the 2017 American Group Travel Awards- Deadline Quickly Approaching
PRWEB 05/10/2017 阅读文章 � Announces St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® as the Official Charity of the 4th Annual 2017 American Group Travel Awards
PR 21/09/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Launches $20,000 Scholarship Program For Military Veterans And Their Families
PR 19/09/2017 阅读文章 � Signs Football Partnership Deal with Hellas Verona F.C.
PR 31/08/2017 阅读文章 �
PBA Extends Partnership Agreement with
PRWEB 29/08/2017 阅读文章 �
Labor Day Weekend - How Cities Are Attracting Tourism
PR 21/08/2017 阅读文章 � Partners with Triple Crown Sports for Team Travel
PRWEB 15/08/2017 阅读文章 � Co-founder and CIO Named 40 Under 40 Honoree
PR 09/08/2017 阅读文章 � Announces Categories and Nominees for the Fourth Annual 2017 American Group Travel Awards
PR 03/08/2017 阅读文章 � Announces Newest Senior Regional Product Director for Las Vegas
PRWEB 11/07/2017 阅读文章 � Announces Team Skipper In Biggest Round The World Ocean Race
PR 06/07/2017 阅读文章 � to Debut in Clipper 2017-18 Round The World Yacht Race
PR 28/06/2017 阅读文章 � Announced As Team Partner with Clipper Around the World
Clipper Round The World 28/06/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner to Receive Visual Content from ICE Portal
PR 27/06/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Names Best Cities to Visit for July 4th Celebrations
PR 19/06/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner & Reveal Top 100 Best U.S. Hotels for Group Travel
PRWEB 01/06/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Introduce World’s First Virtual Planners
PR 16/05/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner & Reveal List of Best U.S. Sales Managers for Group Travel
PR 11/05/2017 阅读文章 �
Atlanta, Charlotte, and San Diego Among Top in Demand U.S. Destinations for Small Business Meetings
PR 20/04/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Acquires, Expanding Online Reservations Platform
PRWEB 11/04/2017 阅读文章 �
Travel-Ticker returns, then disappears again via sale to HotelPlanner
Tnooz 11/04/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Travelport Partner to Improve How Groups Search and Book Hotel Rooms
PR 05/04/2017 阅读文章 �
Best Western Partners with HotelPlanner to Launch BWGroups RFP Tool
PR 03/04/2017 阅读文章 �
AllTheRooms taps HotelPlanner for group travel expansion
TravelMole 29/03/2017 阅读文章 �
Leveraging Unsold Rooms: Newest System to Combat Attrition Penalties
PRWEB 22/03/2017 阅读文章 �
European Group Travel Awards 2017 Winners: The Complete List
PR 10/03/2017 阅读文章 � Announces Corporate Net Rate Group Booking Technology
PRWEB 08/03/2017 阅读文章 �
LPGA Announces New Partner and Debut of LPGA Travel on
LPGA 07/03/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner: a mid-cap company with a ‘contrarian’ plan
eyefortravel 01/03/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Acquires and, a Los Angeles-based Company
PR 28/02/2017 阅读文章 � launches corporate net rate group booking tech
Tnooz 27/02/2017 阅读文章 �
Vote for the Best by February 22nd for the 2017 European Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 15/02/2017 阅读文章 �
AquAffirm™ Selected as the Official Charity Partner of EGTA
PR 13/02/2017 阅读文章 �
How two WPB companies are expanding
Palm Beach Post 11/02/2017 阅读文章 �
Love is in the Air: Weddings in Secondary Cities Increasing in Popularity
PR 07/02/2017 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner & Delivers Significant Growth in 2016
PRWEB 31/01/2017 阅读文章 �
Score Winning Hotel Deals for Super Bowl 2017
PR 24/01/2017 阅读文章 �
USA TODAY SPORTS ACTIVE ALLIANCE presented by Mazda names as Official Partner
Endurance Sportswire 24/01/2017 阅读文章 �
Voting Opens for the 2017 European Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 09/01/2017 阅读文章 �
Hotels Still Available, but Prices Rising Quickly to Ring in the New Year
PR 20/12/2016 阅读文章 � Appoints New Chief Litigation Officer
PRWEB 06/12/2016 阅读文章 �
Group Bookings Outperforming Rest of Market
hotelandtourismonline 02/12/2016 阅读文章 �
Getting the Welcome Right
hotelandtourismonline 01/12/2016 阅读文章 � Selected as Official Hotel Booking Company for the 2016 Boca Raton Bowl
PR 29/11/2016 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards 2016: All the Highlights and Winners
PRWEB 15/11/2016 阅读文章 �
Serving Us, Serving You: Saluting Military Families
PR 08/11/2016 阅读文章 �
As group hotel bookings shift online, HotelPlanner sees opportunity
Tnooz 07/11/2016 阅读文章 �
John Prince Named Chief Information Officer of the Year
PRWEB 25/10/2016 阅读文章 �
American’s On The Move- 35% of Extended Stay Travel Due to Relocation
PRWEB 04/10/2016 阅读文章 �
Swansea City Announces HotelPlanner Partnership 04/10/2016 阅读文章 � and SuperShuttle Partner Together to Provide Exclusive Travel Services
PRWEB 28/09/2016 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Celebrates 14th Year In Business
SuperbCrew 15/09/2016 阅读文章 �
Leaders Announce HotelPlanner Partnership 24/08/2016 阅读文章 � Winner of 2016 Florida Companies to Watch Award
GrowFL 23/08/2016 阅读文章 �
Labor Day Weekend 2016: Hotel Deals to Celebrate
PR 18/08/2016 阅读文章 �
AutoZone Liberty Bowl Extends Agreement with
PRWEB 12/08/2016 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Named Official Hotel Reservations Partner for Inter Milan Football Club
PR 03/08/2016 阅读文章 � Reveals the Most Group-Friendly Beach Cities in America
PRWEB 28/07/2016 阅读文章 � Enhances Meeting Planner Services with E-destinACCESS
Hotel News Resource 26/07/2016 阅读文章 � Partners with ABC Global Services
PR 20/07/2016 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner signs partnership with
TravelMole 24/06/2016 阅读文章 �
Groups and meetings growth to outperform overall hotel sector in 2016
Tnooz 16/06/2016 阅读文章 �
Celebrate! Low Hotel Prices Still Available for 4th of July
PRWEB 09/06/2016 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Awarded State Of Louisiana Contract
PRWEB 24/05/2016 阅读文章 � Announces Top 10 Cities and States for Group Hotel Bookings
PR 19/05/2016 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner reaches its 3 Millionth Group
Tnooz 16/05/2016 阅读文章 � Teams Up with Hickory Global Partners
PRWEB 21/04/2016 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Becomes Euroleague Basketball’s Official Online Travel Accommodation Partner
PRWEB 13/04/2016 阅读文章 � Acquires Hotel Hotline
Leisure Group Travel 30/03/2016 阅读文章 � Acquires Hotel Hotline
PRWEB 29/03/2016 阅读文章 �
European Group Travel Awards 2016: All the Highlights and Winners
PRWEB 11/03/2016 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Matchroom Sport: Offering Exclusive Hotel & Ticket Packages for IBF World Title Fight
PRWEB 02/03/2016 阅读文章 � Announces Partnership with Elite Hospitality Alliance Global
PRWEB 23/02/2016 阅读文章 �
Vote Now for the 2016 European Group Travel Awards, Hosted by
PRWEB 17/02/2016 阅读文章 �
Record Setting Growth - 2015 Year in Review
PRWEB 02/02/2016 阅读文章 �
Top 50 Sales Managers Worldwide
PRWEB 29/01/2016 阅读文章 �
Going Green: The Launch of eContracting™
PRWEB 28/01/2016 阅读文章 �
World’s Best Hotels for Group Travel
PRWEB 27/01/2016 阅读文章 �
Joe Groglio Appointed CFO of
PR 26/01/2016 阅读文章 �
Hotel Rates Rising for Super Bowl 50- Here’s How to Score the Best Deals
PRWEB 25/01/2016 阅读文章 �
Top 50 USA Group Sales Managers
PRWEB 21/01/2016 阅读文章 �
Best USA Hotels for Group Travel
PRWEB 19/01/2016 阅读文章 � Unveils Cloud-Based Operating System
Hospitality Technology 13/01/2016 阅读文章 � Announces New Platform & New President for Global Expansion
PRWEB 11/01/2016 阅读文章 �
Voting Officially Open for the 2016 European Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 30/12/2015 阅读文章 � grows in West Palm Beach
Palm Beach Post 17/12/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner &’s Global Headquarters Grand Opening in West Palm Beach, Florida Showcases Growth and Future Job Openings
PRWEB 14/12/2015 阅读文章 �
10 formas de ahorrar en tus próximas vacaciones
CNN 25/11/2015 阅读文章 �
Emerging Leaders in the Group Travel Hospitality Industry
PRWEB 18/11/2015 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards Recognizes 2015 Group Hospitality Champions
PRWEB 10/11/2015 阅读文章 �
Spotlight: Hotel booking company based in West Palm Beach finds room to grow
Miami Herald 01/11/2015 阅读文章 � Promotes Ed Gillis to Vice President of Business Development for
PRWEB 22/10/2015 阅读文章 �
Voting Deadline Approaches for the 2015 American Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 05/10/2015 阅读文章 �
The Case for Travel Agents
Entrepreneur Magazine 25/09/2015 阅读文章 �
Focus On Sustainable Growth, NOT Growth At All Cost
LinkedIn Pulse 23/09/2015 阅读文章 �
American Group Travel Awards Sets Record for 2015 Sponsors
PRWEB 17/09/2015 阅读文章 �
274th 1M/1M Roundtable September 3, 2015: With HotelPlanner and CEO Tim Hentschel
1M/1M 04/09/2015 阅读文章 � Reveals Top Travel Destinations and Discounted Room Rates Throughout the Holiday Weekend
PRWEB 03/09/2015 阅读文章 � Launches Partnership with Millwall Football Club
PR 31/08/2015 阅读文章 �
Hotel booking exec charts growth for his company in West Palm Beach
Palm Beach Post 24/08/2015 阅读文章 �
Queens Park Rangers UK Pro-Football Club partners with HotelPlanner
QPR 21/08/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner picks West Palm Beach for HQ expansion
Palm Beach Post 10/08/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Expands Office Space to New West Palm Beach Headquarters
South FL Business Journal 03/08/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO to judge EyeForTravel's Startup Awards
Hotel News Resource 22/07/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner reveals 2015 American Group Travel Awards nominees
TravelMole 01/07/2015 阅读文章 �
This Fourth of July, Celebrate the USA's Biggest Event at the Lowest Prices
PRWEB 25/06/2015 阅读文章 � Awarded Exclusive U.S. Communities Travel Services & Solutions Contract
PRWEB 16/06/2015 阅读文章 �
Mid America Youth Basketball (MAYB) Partners with HotelPlanner &
PRWEB 11/06/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Implements Dyn and Instart Logic Solutions to Optimize Global Online Customer Experiences
PRWEB 10/06/2015 阅读文章 �
NBA Finals Heating Up, But Hotel Rates Still Looking Good
PRWEB 09/06/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner CEO: Makes Every Day a Training Day
The Wall Street Journal 01/06/2015 阅读文章 �
Bootstrapping to $20 Million with Intelligent Financial Engineering
One Million by One Million 13/05/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner partners with DocuSign for instant group contracting
TravelMole 12/05/2015 阅读文章 � PGA EuroPro Tour: Celtic Manor ready
Today's Golfer 12/05/2015 阅读文章 �
Cajon Pass traffic expected to increase due to Vegas fight
DailyBulletin 30/04/2015 阅读文章 �
5 ways wedding guests can save money
Yahoo Finance 23/04/2015 阅读文章 �
Hotel pricing mechanisms
Tnooz 22/04/2015 阅读文章 �
European Group Travel Awards Recognizes 2015 Champions
PRWEB 06/03/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces New iPhone and iPad App Enhancements
PRWEB 03/03/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner books Burson-Marsteller
PRWEB 27/01/2015 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner & 2014 Year in Review
PRWEB 27/01/2015 阅读文章 �
Best Group Booking Hotels for 2014 Announced
PRWEB 30/12/2014 阅读文章 �
PONY Baseball Partners with HotelPlanner for 3rd Year
TravelMole 12/12/2014 阅读文章 �
Voting Now Open for the 2015 European Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 02/12/2014 阅读文章 �
Group Travel Business in Asia Grows By 160%
PRWEB 29/10/2014 阅读文章 � Announces New App for Salesforce AppExchange
PRWEB 14/10/2014 阅读文章 � PGA Europro Tour announces Visit Egypt
Today's Golfer 09/10/2014 阅读文章 �
Best Western Achieves the Highest Increase in Group Travel Revenue Growth in 2013
PRWEB 07/10/2014 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner & Appoint Bruce Rosenberg as Chief Operating Officer
PRWEB 02/10/2014 阅读文章 �
Company's group demand is up 120% YOY in Europe
PRWEB 30/09/2014 阅读文章 �
Wyndham Sponsors American Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 25/09/2014 阅读文章 � Awarded State of Mississippi Contract
PRWEB 16/09/2014 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner was named to the Inc. Magazine fastest-growing private companies list
PRWEB 21/08/2014 阅读文章 �
Nominees for the 2014 American Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 01/08/2014 阅读文章 � Renews Exclusive Partnership with the St. Louis Rams Pro Football Team
PRWEB 25/07/2014 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner and Landor Travel Publications Partner to Create the American Group Travel Awards
TravelMole 17/07/2014 阅读文章 �
Hotels and the Big 3
EyeForTravel 16/05/2014 阅读文章 �
PGA EuroPro Tour Announces as Title Sponsor
PRWEB 11/04/2014 阅读文章 �
Leisure Group Travel to Sponsor Inaugural American Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 01/04/2014 阅读文章 �
Innovation, Information and Interaction
ITB Berlin 07/03/2014 阅读文章 � partners with TRIPinfo
PRWEB 13/02/2014 阅读文章 � Names Its 2013 Top Group Performing Hotel Brand Partners
PRWEB 04/02/2014 阅读文章 � Names the 2013 Top 50 Best of the Best Hotels
PRWEB 23/01/2014 阅读文章 �
2014 Dog Show Weekend Announces Partnership with
PRWEB 14/01/2014 阅读文章 �
Talk of the Town News Customer Satisfaction Award:
Talk of the Town 01/01/2014 阅读文章 �
Pro Bowling signs deal with as official travel partner
Bowling Digital 20/12/2013 阅读文章 � is a platinum sponsor of charity tournament
PRWEB 24/09/2013 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Celebrates 10 years!
PRWEB 23/09/2013 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner to Present at the Eye For Travel
PRWEB 16/09/2013 阅读文章 � Acquires
TravelMole 25/07/2013 阅读文章 �
Hotel Website Joins List Of New Sponsors 01/07/2013 阅读文章 �
San Jose State is 70th University to Partner with HotelPlanner
PRWEB 18/06/2013 阅读文章 �
AFC Wimbledon and team up
Wimbledon Guardian 14/06/2013 阅读文章 �
USA Canoe/Kayak Team Selects
PRWEB 11/06/2013 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Awarded State of Louisiana Contract
PRWEB 04/06/2013 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner to be New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s Preferred Hotel Provider
PRWEB 30/05/2013 阅读文章 �
American Amateur Baseball Congress and Announce Partnership
PRWEB 28/05/2013 阅读文章 �
Dixie Youth Baseball and Announce Partnership
PRWEB 06/05/2013 阅读文章 �
WF Shootout! and HotelPlanner Help Travel Teams Save on Hotel Rooms
PRWEB 29/04/2013 阅读文章 �
Professional Darts Corporation Inks Partnership 03/04/2013 阅读文章 �
Chains, OTAs and Google
Global Travel News 19/03/2013 阅读文章 �
Super Billiards Expo Selects HotelPlanner to Provide Hotel Reservation Services
PRWEB 12/03/2013 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Announces at ITB Berlin support for 20 languages & 70 countries
PRWEB 12/03/2013 阅读文章 � Announces Partnership with Laguna in the UK
PRWEB 07/03/2013 阅读文章 �
Win $500 in Hotel Rooms from the Los Angeles Clippers and
PRWEB 20/02/2013 阅读文章 �
CEO of HotelPlanner Reviews Travel Tech. Trends at EyeForTravel
PRWEB 18/02/2013 阅读文章 � Races to Please
Digital Journal 13/02/2013 阅读文章 � Announces Its New “HotelPlanner Reviews” Product
PR Newswire 13/02/2013 阅读文章 �
Champion Racing Association Announces Partnership With HotelPlanner
PRWEB 03/01/2013 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Trailways Transportation
Digital Journal 19/12/2012 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Partners with America Bus Association
PRWEB 11/12/2012 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner becomes booking partner of iSportConnect in London
Express Hospitality 29/11/2012 阅读文章 �
Savvy moves can help you save on travel
Florida Weekly 28/11/2012 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner's Orange Bowl Partnership to Enhance Company's Ambitions
iSportconnect 27/11/2012 阅读文章 � Announces the Opening of European Headquarters in London
PRWEB 02/11/2012 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Named Official Hotel Booking Partner of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Sports Pro 31/10/2012 阅读文章 �
PONY and HotelPlanner Announce Joint Venture
Travel Daily 24/10/2012 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Promotes Bruce Rosenberg to EVP
PR Newswire 09/10/2012 阅读文章 �
HotelPlanner Sponsors the® Takes a Swing at Beating Cancer...
IT News Online 02/10/2012 阅读文章 �
App of the day: Hotel Planner iPad App
First Coast News 07/09/2012 阅读文章 � releases iPad app for customers and hotel managers
Travel Daily News 30/08/2012 阅读文章 �
GSAC Partners With Hotel 30/08/2012 阅读文章 �
Frank Thomas Joins Broadcast Team for NYBC 15/08/2012 阅读文章 � title sponsor for youth baseball championship
Memphis Business Journal 05/07/2012 阅读文章 �
No bull — Professional Bull Riders lasso Hotel Planner for group bookings 01/06/2012 阅读文章 �
CEO of to Speak on Group Travel Trends
PR Newswire 11/05/2012 阅读文章 � Supports Its Team Travel Partner, NHL's FL Panthers
Biz Journals 11/04/2012 阅读文章 �
Bruce Rosenberg Joins HotelPlanner as VP Brand Relations
PR Newswire 13/03/2012 阅读文章 �
Texas Youth Baseball Tournament Names Its Title Sponsor!
PR Newswire 09/03/2012 阅读文章 �
Largest Game Day Free Hotel Room Giveaway Ever! 23/02/2012 阅读文章 � Gives Away Free Hotel Rooms on Its Mobile Apps!
TheStreet 31/01/2012 阅读文章 � and The Chargers Are Giving Away $2500
PR Newswire 19/10/2011 阅读文章 �
How to Save on Group Travel
The New York Times 04/05/2011 阅读文章 � is the Official Hotel Planner of the Los Angeles Clippers 20/01/2010 阅读文章 �
For Good Hotel Rates, Bring the School Band
The Wall Street Journal 30/12/2009 阅读文章 �


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